Selling: Linotype-Hell/ Heidelberg Chromagraph S3900 Drumscanner
Short description Linotype-Hell/ Heidelberg Chromagraph S3900 Drumscanner
ID 1327
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Price (€) on request
Manufacturer Linotype-Hell
Model ---
Year of manufacture 2005
Warranty until keine
Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---
Location Germany
Region NRW
Long description
Linotype-Hell/ Heidelberg Chromagraph S3900


Inclusive 3 drums (small, middle, large)
Inclusive Software 13.4

Linotype-Hell ChromaGraph S3900

Technical Data:

scan system High-end drum scanner, 3 Photomultiplier
color computer Software 13.41
max. format 510 x 650 mm (20" x 25,6")
media transparency, colour, monochrome,
linework, positive, negative
enlargement 10% - 3000%
resolution (picture) up to 24000dpi
max. density range 4.5D
focus digital, modifable from the operator
drum 80mm, 150mm, 212mm diameter
Interface network link to workstation
material width up to 2,1mm
messurements (L x H x W) 1650 x 1350 x 870 mm (65 x 53,2 x 34,3")
net weight approx. 700 kg
options ChromaMount

If requested the machine can be prepared for the worldwide transport by the export
company deufol

Heidelberg S3900 (Linotype-Hell) Drum Scanner provides the highest quality scans up to
24,000 dpi

The extremely high scanner resolution allows loose color separations up to 29x43",
at line screens to 600 lpi.
* Large scanning format of 20" x 25.6"
* Enlargements beyond 3000%
* High productivity output of TIFF scans in to Mac or PC format
* Fully-automatic, high-speed scanning in batch mode
* Flexible integration into any system environment
* Intelligent color correction and automatic image analysis
* Expanded range of color and sharpness functions
* Color corrections using color hue selection
* Scanning in colorimetric data formats for device-independent color or multimedia

More Details:
The Meachine Comes if you want with Chroma Mount P321 Station and 7 Scanning Drums :- 2
Large 2 Mediam and 3 Small Running 13.4 Software on PC Can be seen working and is ready to
ship anywere in the World