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CRUSE SYNCHRON TABLE 4.0 & CS 220 ST with 3D Option

ID 3067

Short description CRUSE SYNCHRON TABLE 4.0 & CS 220 ST with 3D Option
Price (in €) on request

Model ---
Year of manufacture 2019
Warranty until ---

Long description Built in 2019

Scan area: 120 x 180 cm

Resolution: 300dpi to 1,200 dpi

LED illumination plus rear light
plus light deflector

Vacuum table with suction

12 different scan modes

Design studio including image stacking


3D Surface Manager for generating a
bump map of the surface texture in 256
grayscale levels for export to 3D printers or
engraving machines

Price: 90,000 € net negotiable

General Informations:

A Cruse Scanner is a specialized scanner often used for digitizing artworks, archives, textiles, and other valuable or delicate materials. These scanners are known for their high quality and precision. Here are some features and capabilities of a typical Cruse Scanner:

High Resolution Scanning: Cruse Scanners can scan at very high resolutions, often well beyond the standard 300dpi, enabling detailed and color accurate digitizations.

Uniform Illumination: Thanks to specialized LED lighting technologies, Cruse Scanners can illuminate an object evenly, minimizing reflections or shadows.

Large Scan Area: Many models have a generous scan surface that allows for scanning large artworks or documents.

Gentle Scanning: As many artworks and archival materials are delicate, Cruse Scanners offer a touch free and gentle digitization process.

3D Capabilities: Some Cruse Scanners can also capture textures and surface structures of objects, which can be especially useful for artworks.

Customizable Scan Modes: Depending on the material or desired level of detail, different scan modes can be set.

Integration with Workflow Software: Many Cruse Scanners come with or are compatible with specialized software to optimize the digitization process and offer further editing features.

Suitable for Various Industries: While Cruse Scanners are especially popular in the art world, they are also used in design, archiving, reproduction, and other sectors where high resolution and high quality digitizations are required.

In summary, Cruse Scanners offer a combination of high quality, precision, and flexibility, making them a preferred choice for many institutions and professionals in the field of digitization.

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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