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Screen PlateRite 8000

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Short description Screen PlateRite 8000
Price (in €) on request

Model ---
Year of manufacture 2001
Warranty until ---

Long description PlateRite PTR 8000 High Res YOM Mar. 2001 (32 Diodes like Topsetter 102P)
MAL – 3 Cassette Autoloader SA L8000 YOM Jun 2005
Punch 2 Blocks Typ Heidelberg/Bacher 425 (T G 59) from 22.07.2005
Heights Technologies Stacker YOM 2000
Intel Xeon server system with:
Screen PIF Board
Celebrant Gateway 6.1 Software with Dongle
1 Bit Tiff 8 UP

Not New

The clamps have been changes in 02.2013.
The machine is set up to use KODAK Thermal Direct plates and Fuji Pro T III Plates

Manufacturer: Dainippon Screen Germany GmbH
Date of first Installation: 2001

Workflow Management System
Operating System: Windows Server
Software: Celebrant Gateway 6.1 Software with dongle
Imagesetter interface: Fast PIF

Imaging type
Imaging principle: Outside drum
Min. imaging size: 920 x 1.160mm
Plate thickness: 0,20 – 0,30mm
Light source: 32 diodes, 830nm
Resolution: 4 levels, 1.200 – 4000dpi

Spot size: 15µm
Max. screen frequency: Up to120 lines/cm
Vakuum and Registersystem
Imagesetter punch: Bacher Control 2000 Double Punch: for Speedmaster 74 and Speedmaster 102

Material management
Performance per plate incl. plate exchange: ca. 5min
Performance per hour: ca. 12 plates
Stock of plates: up to 500 plates

Notes: The laser diodes can be changed separate from each other. The production proceeds, even if one or more diodes are damaged.

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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