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Quatographic Intelli Scan 1600

ID 2483
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Short description Quatographic Intelli Scan 1600
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Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description Quatographic Intelli Scan 1600
Successor in development

A3 format scanner with an integrated transparency unit

The A3 format coverage and high resolution make the Intelli Scan for universal tool at any workplace for a variety of tasks to X ray templates. The integrated transparency unit allows high resolution scans of slides or negatives templates. Magnifications up to 500% of the slide and the trigger can be executed without sacrificing quality. An analog digital converter with an optical depth of 16 bits per channel and a maximum density of 3.7 stands for a Dynamic range can also capture the critical templates optimal.

A3 size scanning area for assembly and film scanning
1600 x 3200 dpi resolution
48 bit color depth, internal / external
Multi matrix sampling CCD
SilverFast Ai IT8 6.5 and templates included

Analog digital converter with a color depth of
16 bit per channel, a density of 3.7 and the
Multi Sampling function also collect critical
Templates and within the scanning software
extensive corrections without loss possible
without there being tone breaks. The
from 21 360 existing elements, matrix
CCD array operates with high precision. The maximum
16x multi sampling noise suppressed
effective in the shadow, without
Image detail is lost.

Software Features
The award winning, specially adapted
Scan software SilverFast AI 6 for Macintosh and
Windows combines a user friendly
Surface high end features
and yet easy access to the
Program functions. In addition to an automatic function
SilverFast Ai 6 offers professional features to
manual adjustment, a negative
Positive conversion, dust and scratch removal.
Full screen previews with WYSIWYGSoftproof
Function for RGB, CMYK, LAB and
IVUE color spaces enable a concrete
Impression of the artwork before scanning.
The included Kodak IT8 Q60
Standard templates for oversight and review
characterize the x finity ultra scanner
color accurate and bind it in the best
ColorSync â„¢ or ICC workflow.

Scanner type
Flatbed with moving CCD

CCD Type
Multisampling CCD
7μ structure size
21 360 items

Lamp Type
Cold cathode lamp

Scan area (supervision)
430 x 305 mm

Scanning area (view)
406 x 305 mm

Output Resolution
1,600 x 3,200 dpi

optical depth
48 bit color
16 bit grayscale

maximum density
3.7 Dmax

optical density range (ISO 21550)
0.0 D to 3.4 D (3.7 Dmax)

FireWire (2x 6 pin)
USB 2.0

SilverFast Ai 6.5 IT8

System requirements
Mac OS X 10.3
Windows XP 32, Vista 32, Windows 7 32

FireWire card (PC)
Scanner slide holder
Slide mounts
IT8 charts (Kodak Q60 on /by light)
USB, FireWire and power cables

24 months on site exchange business service
(Within Germany)

Size (W x H x D)
628 mm x 376 mm x 160 mm

19 kg

EMI Certified
FCC, CE, ITS GS safety tested

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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