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i7300 Scanner

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Short description i7300 Scanner
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Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
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Long description i7300 scanner

Digitize your microfilms.

An authoritative archive contains important copies of records to the Validierung of transactions, performance of proofs in a lawsuit or to the fulfilment of other demands, for example, with audits of operating results. These documents are kept in an analogous format on one of the ISO norm suitable micrographic medium. The digital data are written, for example, with the help of KODAK archive writers of the series i9600 on film. Microfilm is still a reasonable and sure method of the safekeeping of documents and information and is, hence, the medium of the choice if it is about sure "authoritative archiving". With KODAK i7300 scanner you hit the bridge between the proven longevity of microfilm and the efficiency of digital technology. Thus you profit from both.

No other mike film scanner is so efficient.

With KODAK i7300 scanners belong ineffective aspects of the customary mike film technology, how the long waiting period at the announcement of data or limited issue and transference options, the past. The running costs for servicing and Verbrauchsmaterialen which appear by older printers and readers can be reduced with the i7300 scanner considerably. With the i7300 scanner your pictures are fast called away, shown digitally and afterwards can be printed, be faxed and/or be dispatched by e mail. They receive pictures of extremely high quality which just are straightened, are cut and are indicated in seconds. In addition, the i7300 scanner at the double scan speed carries out all this and offers even other functions than the predecessors model, KODAK DIGITALLY SCIENCE Intelligently Microimage to scanner.

* Compact, space saving design: The i7300 scanner fits comfortably on your table and is very friendly to operator thus with the slightest place need.

* Lower paper need: By the possibility to digitize pictures directly from the film you save paper, time and amount of work involved.

* Modified film transport: The new design of the scanner makes glass guidances superfluous and decreases the risk of scratches on the film.

* Exact Retrieval: The different software components contain the tools with which you can fast call away pictures — even with films without picture brands.

* User friendly interface: All tools and procedures are retrievable about symbols, symbolic strips and Pull Down Menüs.

* Improved technology: The i7300 scanner means real cost savings in comparison to customary microfilm Lesegeräten/printers for you. Microfilm can be adapted any time to the strolling technology and be started, besides, at the same time cost saving and productiveness rising.

* Optimised picture capture: Highly competitive algorithms deliver pictures in constant high quality. This means less committee, more productiveness and more customer satisfaction.

Scan resolution

200 300 dpi

Electric company standards

100 120 or 220 240 V of AC, 50 60 hertz, 1200 W, 6 A max.

Loss of heat

<220 watts

Least PC standards

Processor: PENTIUM III, PENTIUM 4 with 2.0 GHz, coach PCI master slot for provided 3/4 scanner map operating system: MICROSOFT WINDOWS 98 (except for POWER FILM for the i7300 scanner), Windows NT Workstation 4.0 / SP3 or higher, WINDOWS 2000 professional, professional XP

Monitor: 19", 21" recommended; 8 mb of graphics map mains connection: Ethernet or Token ring; serial interface for scanner

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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