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Archivschreiberserie i9600

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Short description Archivschreiberserie i9600
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Manufacturer Kodak Nexpress GmbH
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description Archive writers series i9600

The easy possibility to protect your important commercial data against manipulation or loss.

Have a look at the workflow of the authoritative archiving

If you need a reliable copy of an electronic document to the Validierung of a transaction, to the settlement of a lawsuit or for a check, is such a copy always available to you? Reconstructing a record rescues dangers. Even with strictly controlled approach protection tapes can get lost. Hardware and software can become outdated. The data banks in which the Metadaten of the electronic records are stored cannot be valid any more. Migrations are cost intensive and susceptible to mistake.

Change your data management and reduce the risks.

You can avoid the costs and risks of a purely digital archiving of records by an authoritative archiving your important commercial documents. By the authoritative archiving the records to be protected are converted into an analogous format and are copied on an ISO standardised archive medium. All information available in the original record is stored together with her context. An electronic access to these documents is quite simply possible. Thus topical processes as for example an on line transaction can be carried out to authentifizieren or proofs to produce on the occasion of commercial check or civil disputs, comfortably and certainly. Moreover, you can be sure with an authoritative archiving that your data will be also available in the long term.

Authoritative archiving quite automatically.

With the archive writers of the series i9600 putting into archives of records is quite easy. They provide on the KODAK authoritative archive medium copies on the base of files with the desired data management attributes like classification, date or destruction time. Selfexplicatory index entries are very helpful with the search and allow the digital access of Host uses to your authoritative archive. Authoritative archive media can become automatically searches and for the on line access redigitalisiert. Therefore a quick and comfortable access and a long term archiving of records is possible without unnecessary load of your server.

# Information protects and puts into archives at a reasonable price — The supplement of a purely digital data management strategy by the authoritative archiving of Kodak has many advantages. They must attack no thoughts that contents and Metadaten are correctly joined around a digital record to form. Instead of gathering single components which are scattered about server and uses, simply lay the archive medium in a suitable scanner and receive the intact, from the archive writers series i9600 provided record. Without compilation, without conversion.

# The whole record is kept completely and consistently in the authoritative archive where he is protected against hackers and inadvertent extinguishing. No backup servers, backup media and backup uses which were generated by theirs SCM , CRM , ERM , ERP and e commerce systems are more necessary. They can save the costs for a Medien Refresh and for a format migration. Instead of being economical yearly between 800 and 5,000 euros per gigabyte on archiving on a server, you can extinguish information at the end of agreed terms as a matter of routine. Clearly lower whole operating expenses can result from it.

# Complete your data management strategy — with the software for the Capture system and the archive writers series i9600 a high automated method of the change of records is available to you in a sure archiving format. They can furnish a rule based procedure for exporting of well chosen records for the authoritative archiving which works in the background. The copying and memories of archived records is easy, reasonable and sure.

If users liked to access certain records, they can search from her uses the suitable data bank. The inquiries are escorted on your network to the suitable Retrieval Workstations. There the record is searched, digitized and sent back. Records can be processed in the pile and be administered automatically as a folder. The digital pictures can be used like all the other files for any purposes. They can be faxed by wish of the user on paper spent, be dispatched as an e mail appendix and be stored under use of your topical compression pattern on an image server. They can also provide for the fact that the prospective customer it is a user on your network, an external customer or a chartered accountant about a link which you send him by e mail, to the desired documents is escorted.

# Implement an authoritative archiving which offers speed and quality — The necessary hardware, software as well as the media for the production and for the access to authoritative archives are available from now on. The procedure has already proved itself with hochvolumigen documents and Content management uses. The core technology is based on ISO/ANSI standards, with the media with a certificated life expectancy of 500 years are used. Therefore the authoritative archiving is a data management solution extremely sure about future. Moreover, the archive writers series i9600 a quick, comfortable issue offers in a quality which must not avoid the comparison with a printed side. Nevertheless, the archiving and the management are by far more economic and cheaper.

Place on a comprehensive authoritative archiving solution of Kodak, the enterprise which is an expert for sure data archiving for over 70 years.

Decrease your risks by an authoritative archiving strategy. Today this technology is already available and is based on industrial standards. This procedure guarantees entire and dependable data on years for you. For the user is exporting the records up to the call for the PC from an absolutely clear procedure.

The procedure of the authoritative archiving

An authoritative archive begins with a respectable Capture system to the capture of records in whose centre the proven architecture of the archive writers series i9600 stands. The procedure encloses the following steps:

* Data transfer of the use systems. This is steered through KODAK i9600 Application software. Besides, the formatting is considered and a normal indexing is carried out to allow later automatic calls by APIs for the requirement processing.

* Issue occurs on an archive medium which was provided about an archive writer of the series i9600. Performance data see below.

Compression factor i9610 Leistung* i9620 Leistung* packet density
24:1 85 170 7.225 pictures / roles
40:1 200 400 17,000 pictures / roles

* Average number of pictures per minute (issue); achievement is dependent in particular cases on the use.

Use of the memory media

The use of the memory media is made easier by KODAK Smart cassette model 100 and model 215. If you wish an automatic backup, simply insert two cassettes at the same time. Besides, the Durchsatzgeschwindigkeit remains unchanged.


Compact archiving on KODAK authoritative archive medium. This qualitatively high quality 16 mm microfilm Is ISO/ANSI certificated and has a life expectancy of 500 years by proper processing and storage under controlled conditions.

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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