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Scanner der Serie i800

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Short description Scanner der Serie i800
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Year of manufacture 0000
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Long description Scanner of the series i800

Kodak looks back at a long history in the Imaging area and numerous technological innovations and plays an important role in one of the most important Infoimaging areas – to the Document Imaging. Kodak offered as one of the first manufacturers high speed scanner for the change to large amounts of paper based information in digital information. The KODAK top scanners of the i800 series connect high tech functions in professional manner with real advantages for the customer. The biggest plus KODAK i810, i820, i830 and i840 scanner is that they offer to customers the advantages which they need mostly: Productiveness, flexibility and reliability.

Productiveness. She is absolutely essential in surroundings with a high working volume. With the KODAK scanners of the i800 series you achieve the highest productiveness. Our exclusive paper processing technology supports easily documents of different formats, weights and types. Thanks to this technology you can process your documents pile for pile with up to 160 sides per minute in maximum speed – day by day.

Flexibility. Flexibility is another indispensable factor in surroundings with high working volumes and production points, different document types and the need for a direct workflow optimisation. By the KODAK scanners of the i800 series flexibility is virtually a feature. The scanners are modular extendable, i.e. they can be armed with regard to speed or Colour and horror step options directly on site. The system down times are thereby minimum.

Reliability. Reliable systems are an absolute condition for an efficient workflow with high working volumes. The KODAK scanners of the i800 series are reliable in multiple manner. Reliable functions, how enlarged picture processing and proven paper processing functions, provide for the fact that you can do even the most extensive orders in the twinkling of an eye, and this not only today, but also in future. In addition, a phone call is enough with problems with the KODAK service & Support. Thus you can use your scanner printer optimally.

With KODAK Capture software you achieve even more productiveness, flexibility and reliability with your scan processes. She allows the capture of pictures, the extraction and indicating of picture data and the issue of image formats. Moreover, she supports document pinch and Enterprise Content management systems of leading manufacturers. Briefly, with the Capture software you can automate your workflow optimally and achieve the greatest possible achievement.

Proven Document Imaging performance of the leading manufacturer of Imaging solutions – for the coping of your paper mountains. Exactly for it there stand the KODAK scanners of the i800 series. They find our scanners already on the paper persuasive? Then you wait first of all, until you see them in action!

Use the advantages with the price achievement relation which Kodak offers you – by the use of several scanners KODAK i800 series you work with maximum flexibility and can provide information even faster.

A configuration with unequivocal advantages a single, more expensive scanner limits the flexibility of your work routines and makes available the desired information less fast.

The functions which define the productiveness anew.

Advanced picture processing – great image quality and performance and transference of the information to practically any document management use with maximum speed. By the advanced picture processing of the scanners KODAK i800 series the Vorsortier and postprocessing expenditure minimises itself by which your Durchsatz can be maximised in usable pictures.

And these are the reasons:

Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding*
Perfect page technology of Kodak.

Delivers außerge wöhnliche image quality, even with documents hardly to be grasped with low contrast, and provides for a legibility which corresponds at least to that of the original document

Provides for sloping situation correction, excellent recognition rates OCR/ICR and in many cases for lower file dimensions

By several beetroot distance options you can automate the scan process and form more actually. Moreover count, for example, the removing of black edges or scanning an agreed picture area for the form processing.

Unique Umschaltpatch
If KODAK i800 series enables to your scanner to switch automatically "on the fly" between Bitonal and colour steps and grey steps ** Scans

Five picture issue options **
Support practically every workflow and transfer pictures to practically every document management software:

only Bitonal
only colour
only grey steps

Bitonal and colour at the same time
Bitonal and grey steps at the same time

If fulfil all kinds of commercial standards – form processing, manual input, archiving, observance of legal regulations, web representation and a lot more.
Drop out

Electronic the form processing improves Color drop out, while it enables to the scanner to filter out undesirable background colours and to grasp only the desired information

*Manche document capture uses cannot use the functionality from iThresholding fully
** The issue of Colour and horror step pictures is possible with KODAK i820 and i840 to scanners.

A work routine practically free of interruption is guaranteed by SurePath Paperhandling.
Move module

The unequivocal advantages with whose help you lower your costs to demanding schedules keep, and your customers can satisfy – all this is the result of functions with which you can scan practically every document of the thinnest carbon paper up to heavy cardboard in practically every state at constant speed and exactness, so that you achieve maximum productiveness with minimum operating expenses.

Of Kodak proven automatic document move paper of different formats and strengths grasps.

He can be adapted for the flush left or flush right as well as concentric move by which the necessary preparation time is reduced itself for documents and the work routine becomes more efficient.

The QuickSet Papierhebefach adaptable from the operator touches up to 1,000 sheets of paper of different formats and can be put for different batch dimensions

Combination of several methods of the multiple move recognition (among other things ultrasonic technology), so that overlappings and false moves are recognised reliably

Practically company free of traffic jam by a transport architecture which supervises the documents during the scan process consecutively

With the help of the single sheet move available as accessories you can supply documents also leaf by leaf

Enlarged indexing functions for the efficient picture management.

Durchsatz (sides per minute, horizontal format, A4)

Bitonalbilder with 200 dpi

* i810 120, colour / grey
* i820* 120, colour / grey 120
* i830 160, colour / grey
* i840* 160, colour / grey 160

Bitonalbilder with 300 dpi

* i810 80, colour / grey
* i820* 80, colour / grey
* i830 106, colour / grey
* i840* 106, colour / grey 106 **

Bitonalbilder with 400 dpi

* i810 45
* i820* 45
* i830 60
* i840* 60

*Die given speeds for scanner KODAK i820 and i840 series are also valid for the concurrent issue of Bitonal and colour pictures or Bitonal and horror step pictures

** The Durchsatz can be limited with this setting by the achievement of the Host PC and vary, hence

Picture capture

* Dual Tricolor plus CCD
* The grey value depth of the issue amounts to 256 steps (8 bits).
* 40 bit colour with the picture capture (10 bits per red canal, green canal, blue canal and black canal)
* 24 bit colour on the issue

Optical resolution

* 300 dpi

Source of light

* Long lasting fluorescent lamps (by the operator interchangeable)

Issue resolution

* Bitonal: 200 400 dpi
* Colour / grey steps: 100 300 dpi

Document maximum size

* 305 x 768 mm

Document minimum size

* 64 x 64 mm

Paper strength and paper weight

* from 50 to 200 g / m²


* 1,000 sheets touching QuickSet Papierhebefach with automatic Zurücksetzmechanismus for different batch dimensions

Double move control

* 3 D ultrasound multiple move recognition with ultrasonic sensors


* Wide extremist SCSI 2 with LVDS

Provided software and driver

* TWAIN and ISIS driver

Picture capture functions (hardware based)

* Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding, automatic edge distance, complete edge distance, sloping situation correction, electronic Color drop out, semitone distance, drunkenness reduction, area processing, Umschaltpatch

Hardware compression

* group CCITT III 1D, 2D or IV

File issue formats (with the attached drivers)

* JPEG (for Colour and horror step pictures)
* TIFF (for Bitonalbilder)

Electric connection

* 100 127 V of change stream, 50/60 hertz, 6.5 A
* 200 240 V of change stream, 50/60 hertz, 3.5 A

Power consumption

* Readiness: 246 W
* In the company: 315 W (normally), 760 W (at most)

Surroundings terms

* Air humidity at company: 15 76% RL
* Operating temperature: 15 35 °C

Noise development (sound pressure level recorder for the user)

* In the Standby mode: <40 dB (A)
* In the company mode: <61 dB (A)

Recommended PC configuration

* PENTIUM IV processor with 2.4 GHz, 512 mb of working memory

Supported operating systems

* WINDOWS 98 SE, Me, NT, in 2000, XP

Test signs

* UL 1950 3rd edition, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 950 95, safety standards authority EN60950, certifications EN 55024, EN 55022 classes A, Ce test signs, part FCC 15 Class A, Canada ICES 003 Class A, Taiwan CNS13438 Class A, CISPR22 Class A, VCCI Class A, C kink Mark, ACE / NZ 3548 Class A, EN 61000 3 2 oscillation streams, EN 61000 3 3 menders

Available consumption materials

* Wearing part exchange sentence for move modules, white scan lamps, Imaging guide sentence, Kalibriervorlagen, printer ink cartridges, printer ink cartridge holders, Drucker Ablegestreifen, antistatic cloths, Rollenreinigungspads, transport cleansing sheets


* Move module for ultralight paper, single sheet move, move lengthening, issue field lengthening

Technical changes reserve. The Durchsatz is dependent on the used driver, the applications package, the operating system and the respective PC.


* Height: 124 cm
* Width: 66 cm
* Depth: 127 cm
* Weight: <204 kg

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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