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i620 Scanner

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Short description i620 Scanner
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Year of manufacture 0000
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Long description i620 scanner

The prize winning KODAK scanners of the i600 series offer you productiveness, flexibility and reliability on your desk. By innovations like SurePath Paperhandling, Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding, three independent sensors for the ultrasound multiple move recognition and automatic colour recognition our scanners of quite a new and much achievement stronger generation belong. And all this for a price which makes to you this high achievement with all her advantages accessible and helps you to be an inch the competition ahead.

Productiveness. Our exclusive paper move technology manages easily with documents of different formats, strengths and kinds and thereby allows the highest productiveness. Our advanced picture processing offers you picture for picture the highest quality by which time luxurious Rescans are cancelled as much as possible. And all this functions automatically with a speed from up to 480 pictures per minute.

Flexibility. The scanners KODAK i600 series bring practically every function which you need. Picture capture in colour, Bitonal and grey steps. Automatic colour recognition. The electronic Color drop out. Dokumenten Imprinting before the scan process. Quick IEEE 1394 (FIREWIRE) connection. Ultrasound multiple move recognition. And a lot more!

Moreover, helps you the modular Erweiterbarkeit of our products if you need additional functions. If your demands change and need you more speed and/or colour scan functionality, we look after it directly with you on site!

Reliability. The scanners of the i600 series are reliable in multiple manner. With our combination of reliable paper move and unusual image quality you do the most challenging orders in the twinkling of an eye day by day. In addition comes of the KODAK services & Support a team of experienced experts who are removed only one phone call and are available to you on line and on site to the maximisation of your operation duration.
With KODAK Capture software you achieve even more productiveness, flexibility and reliability with your scan processes. She allows the capture of pictures, the extraction and indicating of picture data and the issue of image formats. Moreover, she supports document pinch and Enterprise Content management systems of leading manufacturers. Briefly, with the Capture software you can automate your workflow optimally and achieve the greatest possible achievement.

In the todays high speed scan surroundings success is to be equated with technology. With the scanners KODAK i600 series you create more and fulfil, besides, all your business demands always. In plain English means the productiveness, flexibility and reliability and with it you make yourselves indispensable for your customers. Decide still today on a product of KODAK and get the achievement which needs your company to be able to work efficiently.

A work routine practically free of interruption is guaranteed by SurePath Paperhandling.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY – Our proven automatic document move can process mixed paper formats and paper strengths and can be adapted for flush left, flush right or concentric move

INNOVATION – Advanced design of the picture processing way:
sealed camera for minimum interference by dust
removeable Imaging guides
two long lasting xenon lamps per side

PRODUCTIVENESS – Reliable paper processing and practically company free of traffic jam for perfect control and the highest speed of the move up to the issue field

FLEXIBILITY – The Papierhebefach adaptable by the operators catches pile with up to 500 sheets and can be furnished for different batch dimensions. To the single sheet feed an optional single sheet move is available.

RELIABILITY – Three sensors for the ultrasound multiple move recognition recognise together or individually reliably false moves and KODAK service & Support provides for free from problems company.

FLEXIBILITY – The right achievement at the right time:
Scan all your documents
Different options for speed, colour issue and paper processing
Several paper supply methods

Advanced picture processing. The innovations which are worthwhile for you.

Which use to the document capture you also use with our integrated picture processing technology the presorting and the postprocessing can be minimised and grasped big volumes in mixed documents with full processing speed. Thus you dispose of a more efficient Frontend with your access to the highway of information.
Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding*

Perfect page technology of Kodak.

Delivers außerge wöhnliche image quality, even with documents hardly to be grasped with low contrast, and provides for a legibility which corresponds at least to that of the original document

Provides for sloping situation correction, excellent recognition rates OCR/ICR and in many cases for lower file dimensions

By several beetroot distance options you can automate the scan process and form more actually. Moreover count, for example, the removing of black edges or scanning an agreed picture area for the form processing.

Automatic picture rotation with full processing speed

If it enables to you to scan documents to the maximisation of the Durchsatzes in the horizontal format, to be economical, however, as portrait format pictures.

Automatic colour recognition

If it enables to your scanner to scan automatically in colour ** if he recognises with certain documents in a pile of coloured information whose intensity lies above an agreed threshold value. (With the i610 scanner this function can be used to grasp colour documents and photos and to store as horror step pictures.) Based on the threshold value given by you your scanner ascertains, when a Farbscan should be carried out.

Drop out

Electronic the form verarbeitung improves Color drop out, while it enables to the scanner to filter out undesirable background colours and to grasp only the desired information

They have the choice between five picture issue options:

only Bitonal
only colour
only grey steps

Bitonal and colour at the same time
Bitonal and grey steps at the same time

In the mode for the concurrent issue you reach a fantastic Durchsatz from up to 480 high quality pictures per minute. In addition, you receive exactly the right picture types which are necessary for numerous commercial standards for the form processing, manual input, archiving, observance of legal regulations, web representation and a lot other more.


If it allows to your scanner, you can automatically fix "on the fly" between Bitonal and colour steps and grey steps Scans umzuschalten. ** by the use of Umschaltpatches for single document sentences within a pile which documents should be scanned in colour (in contrast to the automatic colour recognition).

KODAK Service & Support guarantees a free from problems company.

As one of the biggest and erfahrensten service organisations in the Document Imaging branch, KODAK service & Support offers unconcerned protection by more than 2,000 very well qualified and certificated service engineers worldwide. In addition come a global network for spare parts and their distribution, a more unusual and Helpdesk service on site as well as numerous service plans and service options which are cut exactly at your demands. Hence, our engagement is confirmed by the highest assessments in the customer satisfaction year after year more than 95%. With KODAK service & Support help is in case of a case always fast to the hand.

Recommended day volume

* Up to 60,000 sides daily

Durchsatz (200 dpi, horizontal format, character format)

ppm = sides per minute, ipm = pictures per minute

* i610* / i620 80 ppm (up to 320 ipm **)
* i640 100 ppm (up to 400 ipm)
* i660 120 ppm (up to 480 ipm)

Scan technology

* Dual Tricolor plus CCD
* The grey value depth of the issue amounts to 256 steps (8 bits).
* Farberfassung* with a colour depth of 40 bits (red canal, green canal, blue canal and black canal with 10 bits)
* Farbausgabe* with a colour depth of 24 bits

Optical resolution

* 300 dpi


* Two long lasting xenon lamps free of mercury per side

Issue resolution

* Farbe*: 100/150/200/240/300 dpi
* Grey steps: 100/150/200/240/300 dpi
* Bitonal: 200/240/300/400 dpi

Maximum document size

* 305 x 863 mm

Minimum document size

* 64 x 64 mm

Paper strength and paper weight

* With Standard Feeder: from writing paper with 45 g / m² up to dividing sheets with 200 g / m²
* With the move module available as accessories for ultralight paper: from carbon paper with 25 g / m² up to writing paper with 75 g / m²

Automatic move / Papierhebefach

* 500 sheet of paper move (Papierhebefach) with four settings:
* sequential supply, 100 sheet, 250 sheet and full 500 sheet piles

Double move control

* 3 D ultrasound multiple move recognition with ultrasonic sensors
* three ultrasonic sensors which can be used together or apart


* IEEE 1394 (FIREWIRE) interface, 6 pole connection; IEEE 1394 interface map and IEEE cable in the scope of supply

Supported interfaces

* TWAIN and ISIS driver (provided); KODAK Capture software; VRS compatibility

Imaging functions (scanner)

* Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding
* Automatic colour recognition
* Automatic edge distance
* complete edge distance
* Sloping situation correction
* Electronic Color drop out
* Picture rotation around 90 °
* Mistake diffusion
* Semitone distance
* Distance of picture rushing
* Umschaltpatch

Hardware compression

* group CCITT IV; JPEG or uncompressed issue

Issue file formats

* JPEG (for Farb* and horror step pictures); TIFF (for Bitonalbilder)

Electric company standards

* 100 240 V, 50/60 hertz

Power consumption

* max. 178.4 W

Surroundings factors

* ENERGY star compliant scanners
* D.O.C. Executive order 13221 Compliant Section 508 Compliant
* Mercury open air Xenon Lampen
* Operating temperature: 15 35 °C
* Air humidity (company): 15 76%

Noise development (sound pressure level recorder for the user)

* In the Standby mode: <42 dB (A)
* In the company mode: <61 dB (A)

Recommended PC configuration

* PENTIUM IV processor with 2.4 GHz, 512 mb of working memory

Supported operating systems

* WINDOWS 98 SE, Me, in 2000, XP


* Height: 40 cm
* Width: 61 cm
* Depth: 77 cm
* Weight: 38.6 kg

Test signs and product certifications

* ACE / NZS 3548 Class A (C kink Mark), CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950 (Mark C UL), certifications Canada intercity expresss – 003 Issue 3 (Class A), GB4943, GB9254 (Class A), GB 17,625.1 Harmonics, (CCC "S&E" Mark), EN 55022 facilities of the information technology radio sturgeon qualities (class B), EN 61000 3 2 oscillation streams, EN 61000 3 3 menders, EN 55024 facilities of the information technology sturgeon firmness qualities (Ce test sign), EN 60950 (safety standards authority Test sign GS), IEC 60950, CISPR 22 Class B, VCCI (Class A), CNS 13438 (Class A) (Mark BSMI), UL 60950 (mark UL), CFR 47 part 15 Subpart B (FCC Class A)

Available consumption materials

* Wearing part exchange sentence for move modules, extra size wearing part exchange sentence for move modules, Imaging guide sentence, printer ink cartridge and holder, transport cleansing sheets, Rollenreinigungspads, Drucker Ablegestreifen, antistatic cloths, Kalibriervorlagen, black background


* Move module for ultralight paper; white background; single sheet move

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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