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i250 Scanner

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Short description i250 Scanner
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Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
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Long description i250 scanner

Highly competitive Imaging and an extensive list in functions for an improved productiveness.

With Kodak your expectations of the Desktop Produktionsscannen change.

* Simplex model for Colour, Bitonal and horror step pictures

* Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding provides quite automatically for unbelievable clear scanned pictures.

* SurePath Paperhandling and 3D Ultraschall Mehrfacheinzugserkennung minimise of paper rope, so that all types of paper are drawn easily

* Optionally: Dockable level bed and Dokumenten Imprinter

* An easy installation and service

* Worldwide service and Support for unconcerned scanning

* Prominent speed, image quality and flexibility. Quick scan speed, automatic picture processing and five issue options mean that you can scan up to 248 pictures per minute with 200 dpi. They have the following choice possibilities: Colour, Bitonal, grey steps, simultaneous issue from Bitonal and horror step pictures or Bitonal and colour pictures.

* Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding delivers clear, sharp pictures with full scan speed and reduces highly the expenditure for preassortments, Re Scans and postprocessings.

* Unique SurePath paper processing for a free from problems paper transport and the company without paper rope.

* With the electronic Color drop out you can remove for optimising from forms insignificant red, green or blue background colours.

* The innovative options which meet all the wishes:
Connectable level bed processes unusual documents and offers flexibility on the narrowest space.
Post Scan Imprinter makes easier the searches for scanned documents.

* Herewith you can provide brightness and contrast control benutzerderfinierte colour expenses for different uses.

* VRS compatibility for more Imaging options.

* Long lasting, xenon lamps free of mercury reduce the down times and operating expenses.

* Normal interface IEEE 1394 (FIREWIRE) to the trouble free equipment and quick picture transference. An IEEE 1394 map and the suitable cable are provided, in addition.

* KODAK Capture software Lite enables to you together with ISIS and TWAIN drivers to begin immediately with scanning.

* 3D multiple move check with ultrasonic technology, so that also the lightest types of paper are drawn without problems.

Recommended day volume

* Up to 5,000 sides per day

Durchsatzgeschwindigkeiten* (horizontal format, A4, Bitonal, grey steps, colour)

* Resolution 150 dpi, 67 ppm / 134 ipm
* Resolution 200 dpi, 50 ppm / 100 ipm
* Resolution 300 dpi, 33 ppm / 67 ipm
ppm = pages / minute (Simplex)
ipm = pictures / minute (Duplex)

Scan technology

* Single Tricolor Plus CCD
* The grey value depth of the issue amounts to 256 steps (8 bits).
* 40 bit colour with the picture capture (10 bits per red canal, green canal, blue canal and black canal)
* 24 bit colour on the issue

Optical resolution

* 300 dpi

Source of light

* Single xenon lamps with a life span of more than 2,500 hours

Issue resolution

* 75/100/150/200/240/300/400/600 dpi

Maximum document size

* With 64 mb of working memory: 297 mm x 432 mm
* Connectable level bed unity: 297 mm x 432 mm


* Automatic document move for the continuous move from up to 150 sheets à 60 g/m ²

Paper strength and paper weight

* From carbon paper up to cardboard

Multiple move recognition

* 3 D ultrasound multiple move recognition with ultrasonic sensors


* Firewire interface (IEEE 1394) (map and cable including); 6 pole connection

Provided software and driver

* TWAIN and ISIS driver; KODAK Capture software Lite

Imaging functions (scanner)

* Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding
* Automatic edge distance
* Complete Schwarzrandenfernung
* Sloping situation correction
* Electronic Color drop out
* Semitone distance
* Distance of picture rushing
* VRS compatibility

Hardware compression

* group CCITT IV; JPEG or uncompressed issue

Spent file formats (provided drivers)

* JPEG (for Colour and horror step pictures)
* TIFF (for Bitonalbilder)

Electric company standards

* 100 to 240 V, 50 60 hertz, universal net part including

Achievement admission company:

* 100 W (typically)
* 180 W (maximum)

Noise development (sound pressure level recorder / position of the operator)

* In the Standby mode: 39.7 dB (A)
* In the company mode: 57.0 dB (A)

PC configuration

* Least size: PENTIUM III 1 GHz processors, 256 MB RAM
* Recommended: PENTIUM IV 2.4 GHz processors, 512 MB RAM

Supported operating systems

* WINDOWS 98 SE, Me, in 2000, XP

Working memory

* instal 64 mb DIMM in the scanner (supported up to 256 mb)

Test signs and product certifications

* UL 60950 3rd issue
* No. C UL CAN/CSA C22.2 60950 00 3rd issue
* EN TUV 60950
* Ce test signs
* 47 segments CFR 15 Untersegment B (FCC) class A
* ICES 003 Issue 3 classes A
* EN 55022:98 classes B **
* EN 61000 3 2 oscillation streams
* EN 61000 3 3 menders
* EN 55024
* ACE / NZS 3548 classes A (C kink Mark)
* CNS 13438 class A
* class VCCI A
* CISPR 22 class B **


* Move module
* Dividing module,
* Imprinter ink cartridge and blotting paper,
* Calibration Targets


* Dockable level bed
* Post Scan Dokument Imprinter


* Weight: 12.5 kg
* Depth: 287 mm
* Width: 625 mm
* Height: 354 mm

Mass: Dockable level bed

* Weight: 7.3 kg
* Length: 643 mm
* Width: 486 mm
* Height: 162.5 mm

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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