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Scanner der Serie i100

ID 1811
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Short description Scanner der Serie i100
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Manufacturer Kodak Nexpress GmbH
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description Scanner of the series i100

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Exactly the right achievement and flexibility for your high working amount.

* Simplex (i150) and Duplex scanner (i160) for Colour, Bitonal and horror step pictures

* Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding provides right away for sharp, clear pictures

* The proven SurePath paper processing reduces of paper rope to a minimum

* By the possibility to scan documents up to the format A3 all office documents can be processed practically

* The 3 D ultrasound multiple move recognition provides for the biggest reliability

* An easy installation and service

* Worldwide service and Support for unconcerned scanning

# Perfect page with iThresholding: By the advanced picture processing of Kodak you achieve even with qualitatively bad documents excellent pictures. The Geraderichten of pictures and the edge distance occur with full scan speed. Rescans or setting changes are practically superfluous, which is why your productiveness automatically rises.

# Unique SurePath paper processing for a free from problems paper transport and the company without paper rope.

# Adaptable paper supply: Documents up to the format A4 (297 mm length) can be supplied crosswise this means for you less Sortieraufwand. And in the portrait format even documents can be supplied up to a length by 432 mm (A3) what brings a maximum in flexibility with itself.

# Five issue options: Colour, Bitonal, grey steps, Bitonal+Graustufen and Bitonal+Farbe.

# The electronic Colour drop out: Undesirable red, green or blue shadings can be filtered out to optimise the form processing.

# 3D multiple move check with ultrasonic technology allows the reliable processing of the most different paper kinds and paper strengths.

# IEEE 1394 (FIREWIRE) interface to the trouble free equipment and quick picture transference. To make it to you so simply as possible, we add an IEEE 1394 map and a suitable cable.

# Quiet company and little place need: Both models can process large size documents, however, fit still easily on every desk.

# KODAK Capture software Lite can be installed within less minutes and offers numerous scan functions for practically every office use. An actualisation on the full version of the Capture software is easy.

# VRS compatibility for more Imaging options.

# KODAK service & Support: Our team from experienced service engineers is there round the clock in the whole world for you.

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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