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i60 USB Scanner

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Short description i60 USB Scanner
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Year of manufacture 0000
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Long description i60 scanner USB

i60 desktop scanner of Kodak with USB 2.0 even more speed for your uses

The i60 scanners of KODAK were developed especially for the everyday use in small offices and other desktop intended purposes in departments. With this varied scanner you can scan in Black and white, grey steps or colour and use Color drop out.

The i60 scanners offer the Duplex functionality (two page scanning). Besides, the front and the back of a document are scanned with the help of two CCD sensors at the same time.

Documents of the most different state and formats with ease can be processed by the automatic paper supply (ADF). KODAK i60 scanner disposes of an integrated level bed for scanning of engaged or sensitive documents.

The USB 2.0 interface allows a real Plug and Play Installation and the highest scan speeds.

* A4 colour document scanner
* Duplex
* 25 ppm / 50 ipm (bitonal) with 200 dpi
* ADF for 50 sides and level bed
* USB 2.0 and SCSI interface
* TWAIN driver and software

# Scan functions: DMS, text recognition, archiving, form capture, web publishing and many more!

# Scan decentralised or personaliertes: in linked up surroundings or single place systems.

# Quick: Thanks to the automatic document move (ADF) you can process document pile fast.

# Reliable paper transport: An easy and direct paper way provides for high productiveness without interruptions.

# Level bed level bed Flachbett Scannen Excellently suitably for the processing of books, magazines or sensitive materials.

# Colour, Black and white or grey steps: Use the possibilities.

# The adaptable Color drop out: Optimise your text recognition by removing not of required background colours on forms. The colours Red, green and blue can be faded out.

# An easy installation: USB 2.0 adaptor of Adaptec, CFM Twain driver and provided software.

# Quiet company and low place need: Can be put up comfortably everywhere in the office.

# Consumption parts by users interchangeable: The consumption parts simply to be exchanged reduce down times to a minimum.

# Standard picture processing functions are integrated.

# KOFAX VRS compatibly.

Scanner type

* Duplex ADF scanner with level bed

Picture sensor / source of light

* Dual CCD (load Coupled Device) / white lamp

Optical resolution

* 300 dpi

Issue resolution

* 75 dpi to 600 dpi in 1dpi steps

Picture issue format

* Bitonal (1 bit), grey steps (8 bits), colour (24 bits)

Scan speed bitonal (200 dpi, A4)

* 25 ppm Simplex / 50 ipm Duplex

Scan speed colour (150 dpi, A4)

* 10 ppm Simplex / 20 ipm Duplex

Supported document formats ADF

* 94 mm x 140 mm (A6) to 215 mm x 355.6 mm (A4 excessive length)

Supported document formats Level bed

* smaller than 25 mm x 25 mm to 215 mm x 297 mm (A4)

ADF capacity

* 75 sheets with 60 g paper

Paper strength

* 0.05 mm – 0.15 mm

Picture processing

* Color drop out, mistake diffusion, 4 semitone patterns

SCSI 2 interface

* DB25 connection (25 pole) or LD50 connection (50 pole), USB 2.0 with Adaptec products USB 2 Exchange

Power consumption

* 100 240 V / 50 60 hertz, in company: 36 W / Standby: 8 W

Company surroundings:

* Temperature: 5 35 °C / Rel. Air humidity: 20% 80%

Noise development

* Standby: less than 46 dB / in company: less than 58 dB
* Energy Star compliant

Dimensions (H, B, T)

* 199 mm x 567 mm (833 mm with issue field) x 350 mm


* 16.64 lb

Recommended scan volume

* up to 1,000 sides per day

Provided software

* STI TWAIN driver of CFM, software PAPERPORT LE from Scan softly (DMS, e mail, distributed Printen/copying), TEXT BRIDGE text recognition software from Scan softly, PHOTO SUITE ROXIO software (photo management)

Recommended least configuration of the PC

* Processor with 1.0 GHz, 128 MB RAM and USB 2.0, Windows 98, ME, in 2000 or XP

Test signs

* TUVR/GS, CE, C kink, VCCI Class B, BSMI, B EN55022 Class, EN 55024, EN 61000 3 2 Powerline Harmonics, EN 61000 3 3 menders, EN 60950

Scanner accessories

* Move modules (4, included in delivery)

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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