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i55 und i65 Scanner

ID 1808
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Short description i55 und i65 Scanner
Price (in €) on request

Manufacturer Kodak Nexpress GmbH
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description i55 and i65 scanner

Perfectly for the most different demands for grasping, publishing and putting into archives of documents.

* Simplex (i55) and Duplex (i65) scanner for Colour, Black and white and horror step version

* Famous Kodak image quality by Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding

* High scan speed up to 32 sides or 64 pictures per minute

* Automatic document move to easy scanning of documents up to a length of 86.3 cm

* Integrated level bed to comfortable scanning of sensitive or engaged documents

* Quick equipment and an easy company with the attached drivers and a mature software suite, among the rest, KODAK Capture software Lite encloses

* Two connection possibilities: USB 2.0 (map and cable in the scope of supply) and SCSI 2

* Worldwide service and Support for unconcerned scanning

# High scan speed: Do your work with the automatic document move in the twinkling of an eye.

# Integrated level bed scanner: Very well for scanning of unusual documents or from engaged material.

# Colour, Black and white or grey steps: Always the suitable picture types at the right time even the concurrent issue of Bitonal and colour pictures or from Bitonal and horror step pictures is possible.

# On the places Ready Scan:
Revised drivers of a quick and easy installation
Connection possibility more than two interfaces: USB 2.0 (map and cable in the scope of supply) and SCSI 2
You can begin with the attached software immediately with scanning:

KODAK Capture software Lite can be installed within less minutes and helps you to optimise your workflow and to achieve maximum achievement. She allows scanning, announcements and memories of pictures in the usual batch issue formats and is suited for practically every workgroup use. Moreover, she is upgradefähig and lets herself quite simply update on the full version of the Capture software.

READS IRIS Per Corporate edition offers important functions to quick discovering of text information including Mehrseiten text recognition (OCR) and direct change of scanned documents in searchable PDF files.

# Automatic edge distance and sloping situation correction: Automated scan functions help you to do your work fast.

# From the user interchangeable wearing parts: Maximum operation duration by simply interchangeable parts.

# Adaptable colour filtering: Improvement of the text recognition by filtering out undesirable background colours in forms numerous colours can be filtered out by software steered adaptation of the red canal, green canal or blue canal.

Day volumes

* Up to 1,200 sides daily

Durchsatz (portrait format, A4, USB 2.0)
Colour pictures with 150 dpi

i55: 25 pages / min.
i65: 25 ppm / 50 ipm

Horror step pictures with 200 dpi

i55: 32 pages / min.
i65: 32 ppm / 64 ipm

Bitonalbilder with 200 dpi

i55: 32 pages / min.
i65: 32 ppm / 64 ipm

Bitonalbilder with 200 dpi,
firm threshold value

i55: 36 pages / min.
i65: 36 ppm / 72 ipm

ppm = pages/minute (sides per minute) (Simplex scanner)
ipm = images/minute (pictures per minute) (Duplex scanner)

Picture capture

* i55: single CCD
* i65: two CCDs
* The grey value depth of the issue amounts to 256 steps (8 bits).
* Colour capture with a colour depth of 48 bits
* 24 bit colour on the issue

Optical resolution

* 600 dpi

Source of light

* Cold cathode fluorescent lamp

Issue resolution

* 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400 and 600 dpi

Document maximum size

* Level bed: 215 x 297 mm
* ADF: 215 x 863 mm

Document minimum size

* Level bed: less than 25 x 25 mm
* ADF: 94 x 140 mm

Paper strength and paper weight

* Level bed: from carbon paper up to 38 mm thick to engaged Material* (while scanning of engaged material the functions function if necessary to the automatic edge distance and sloping situation correction not)
* ADF: From 60 to 105 g/m ²)


* Automatic document move for up to 75 sheets of paper with 60 g/m ²

Double move control

* By length recognition


* SCSI 2 interface: HD50 connections (50 pole)
* USB 2.0 (map and cable included in delivery)

Provided software and driver

* TWAIN and ISIS driver
* KODAK Capture software Lite
* READS IRIS per Corporate edition

Picture capture functions (hardware based)

* Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding, automatic edge distance, complete edge distance, sloping situation correction, electronic Color drop out, semitone distance, drunkenness reduction


* group CCITT IV; JPEG or uncompressed issue

File issue formats (with the attached drivers)

* JPEG (for Colour and horror step pictures)
* TIFF (for Bitonalbilder)

Electric connection

* 100 240 V; 50 60 hertz; universal net part in the scope of supply

Power consumption

i55: ≤30 W
i65: ≤35 W

Energy savings mode

i55: ≤8 W
i65: ≤8 W

Surroundings terms

* ENERGY star compliant scanners
* Operating temperature: 10 35 °C
* Air humidity (company surroundings): 20 85% RF

Noise development

* Standby: 20.6 dB (A)
* Company level bed: 53.5 dB (A),
* Company ADF: 47.5 dB (A)

Minimum PC configuration

* 1 GHz processor, 512 mb of working memory

Supported operating systems

* WINDOWS 98 SE, Me, in 2000, XP
* (only WINDOWS 2000 and WINDOWS XP USB 2.0) support

Test signs

* UL/C UL, TUVR/GS, CE, C kink, B VCCI Class, B BSMI Class, FCC Class B, EN 55022 certifications for class B, EN 55024, EN 61000 3 2 oscillation streams, EN 61000 3 3 menders

Available consumption materials

* Move module (2 x 2 per packet)

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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