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i40 Scanner

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Short description i40 Scanner
Price (in €) on request

Manufacturer Kodak Nexpress GmbH
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description i40 scanner

From the small table scanners you get everything and more!

* Simplex and Duplex scanner with automatic document move (ADF) for 50 sheets

* Up to 25 sides or 50 pictures (Duplex) per minute in Bitonal or colour

* Special document move for the i40 scanner with front move and ausgabesystem to scanned of small and thick documents

* Choice by keystroke from up to nine assigned scan uses (e.g., KODAK Capture software)

* Integrated PerfectPage picture processing of Kodak for the highest image quality

* Extensive software package including to OCR based scanning with PDF issue

* USB 2.0 interface – incl. map and cable

* An easy installation and integration

* Fits on every desk

Perfect page with iThresholding: The efficient picture processing function of Kodak which allows scanning of badly readable documents with full speed to you and delivers an extremely high image quality. The productiveness is terrifically increased, because renewed Scans or setting changes become superfluous practical.

Automatic sloping situation correction and edge distance for clear and just pictures with full scan speed.

Quick scanning: Up to 25 sides or 50 pictures per minute.

Five issue options colour, grey steps, Bitonal, Bitonal + grey steps or Bitonal + colour.

One key company: They can assign up to nine Scan Anwendungen* and select this by keystroke. Press afterwards the start key of the scanner to begin scanning with the well chosen use. (*Anwendung must be supported)

Software with big functional extent for the highest productiveness from the outset.

* KODAK Capture software Lite: Can be installed within minutes. The programme offers a row of scan functions for nearly all workgroup uses. An actualisation on the full version of the Capture software is easy.
* READS IRIS per Corporate edition offers important functions to quick discovering of text information including Mehrseiten text recognition (OCR) and direct change of scanned documents in searchable PDF files.

For IT experts an ISIS driver contained in the scope of supply and one TWAIN driver developed by Kodak make easier the quick system integration. All Kodak picture processing functions are available with full scan speed.

Brightness and Contrast Control: Adapt the colour issue to the intended intended purpose.

VRS compatibility for more Imaging options. Highly competitive picture processing with maximum scan speed.

The electronic Colour drop out: Blind undesirable red, green or blue background colours from to improve the processing of forms.

VRS compatibility for more Imaging options and ease of use.

The adaptable electronic Color drop out: Remove undesirable frames and lines from forms or undesirable background colours without exchanging the lamps.

Reliable multiple move recognition for higher scan productiveness.

Quiet company and low place need: Fit easily on every desk.

Special document move: New application possibilities for Transaktionsscans with new front move and ausgabesystem! This unique document move allows scanning small and/or thick documents, like identity cards, driving licences and health insurance maps. In only few seconds the special move is right. Documents are drawn by the front, are scanned and given about the front again.

Recommended day volume

* Up to 1000 sides

Durchsatz (portrait format, A4), ppm = sides per minute (simplex), ipm = pictures per minute (duplex)

* Bitonal/gray steps: Up to 25 ppm / 50 ipm with 200 dpi
* Colour: Up to 25 ppm / 50 ipm with 150 dpi; up to 25 ppm / 40 ipm with 200 dpi

Picture capture

* Two CCDs
* The grey value depth of the issue amounts to 256 steps (8 bits).
* The colour capture depth amounts to 48 bits (16 x 3)
* The colour issue depth amounts to 24 bits (8 x 3)

Optical resolution

* 600 dpi

Source of light

* Cold cathode fluorescent lamp

Issue resolutions

* 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400 and 600 dpi

Document maximum size

* 215 mm x 355.6 mm

Document minimum size

* Single sheet move: 50 mm x 87.5 mm
* Mehrblatteinzug: 87.5 mm x 125 mm

Paper strength and paper weight

* 52 105 g/m ² paper; the special document move supports even other strengths


* ADF: Up to 50 sheets 75 g/m ² paper; special move for the supply and withdrawal from the front for single documents

Multiple move recognition

* Length recognition


* USB 2.0 (map and cable included in delivery)

Provided drivers and software

* TWAIN and ISIS driver
* KODAK Capture software Lite
* READS IRIS per Corporate edition

Imaging functions (scanner)

* Perfect page Scanning with iThresholding
* Adaptive threshold value regulation
* Sloping situation correction
* Automatic edge distance
* Relative edge distance
* Aggressive edge distance
* Electronic Color drop out
* Simultaneous issue of Bitonal and colour pictures or Bitonal and horror step pictures
* Colour processing tables

Issue file formats

* BMP, TIFF and JPEG (searchable PDF files with the help of the provided software)

Electric company standards

* 100 240 V (internationally), 50/60 hertz

Power consumption

* Standby mode: <12 watts
* In the company: <40 watts

Surroundings factors

* ENERGY star compliant scanners
* Operating temperature: 10 35 °C
* Air humidity at company: 10% to 85%

Noise development (sound pressure level recorder Standby mode: in the operating position)
* Standby mode: <46 dB (A)
* in company: <58 dB (A)

PC configuration

* Least size: Pentium III processor with 1 GHz, 128 mb of working memory
* Recommended: Pentium IV processor with 2.5 GHz, 512 mb of working memory, USB 2.0

Supported operating systems

* WINDOWS XP (supports USB 2.0)
* WINDOWS 2000 professional (supports USB 2.0)
* WINDOWS ME (supports only USB 1.1)
* WINDOWS 98 SE (supports only USB 1.1)

Test signs

* ACE / NZS 3548 Class B (C kink Mark), CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950 (Mark C UL), Canada ICES 003 Issue 3 (Class B), GB4943, GB9254 (Class B), GB 17,625.1 Harmonics (CCC "S&E" Mark), EN 55022 facilities of the information technology radio sturgeon qualities (class B), EN 61000 3 3 menders, EN 55024 facilities of the information technology sturgeon firmness qualities, (Ce test signs), EN 60950 (safety standards authority Test sign GS), IEC 60950, CISPR 22 Class B, VCCI (Class B), CNS 13438 (Class B), (Mark BSMI), UL 60950 (mark UL), CFR 47 part 15 Subpart B (FCC Class B), Argentina S. Mark


* Move module, Rollenreinigungspads, antistatic cloths

Mass and weight

* Weight: 4.1 kg
* Depth: 168 mm
* Width: 337 mm
* Height: 162 mm

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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