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Linotype Hell Opal Ultra + LinoColor Elite 6

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Short description Linotype Hell Opal Ultra + LinoColor Elite 6
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Manufacturer Linotype Hell
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description Linotype bright Opal Ultra + LinoColor Elite 6/0/7

Linotype bright opal extremist

Non new

The opal Ultra is a 36 bits colour scanner which works in the single passport procedure and reaches a density extent from up to 3.3 D. The scanner disposes of a Farb CCD with 8000 elements. The DoubleLens system allows to choose between two resolution areas. The physical resolution in the StandardRes mode with a presentation size of 289.6 x 431.8 mm amounts to 700 x in 1400 dpi. In the HighRes mode the physical resolution amounts in 1400 x in 2800 dpi with a presentation size of 144.8 x 431.8 mm. Therefore enlargement, according to elective resolution, from 300 or 600% is possible without essential high class losses . A Durchlichteinheit for examination presentations like small picture slides, large format slides and colour negative films as well as for X rays up to the format 289.6 x 431.8 (700 x in 1400 dpi) or 144.8 x 431.8 (in 1400 x in 2800 dpi) mm is integrated into the dust cover.

The technical details
The DoubleLens system enables to overcome the limitation of the CCD unity usual today with regard to the optical resolution. The opal extremist works with a cold light lamp. Under the aspect of the user friendliness the net counter is right in the front of the device.

LinoColor élite 6/0/7

Non new

With Linocolor élite from the house Heidelberg the scan software and repros software is available to you which guarantees professional Color for management. Linocolor élite was distinguished on account of her huge achievement spectrum several times and gives in her class furthermore the graduation. Easily opens and protects this scan software and repros software RGB and CMYK pictures. Besides, she is completely compatible with the ICC standard. The intelligent assistants draught raises the security and productiveness of your workflow. They will be astonished what can get out this programme of your scanner. With only one mouse click provides of the Colorassistant for the best possible results: automatically light and depth of the pictures are fixed which determines optimum contrast and Buntheitsverlauf and removes even colour faults. With the colour corrections LCH colours can be worked on in such a way as the person sees them: as a brightness, Buntheit and tone. Pictures can be thereby lightened without change of the tone and Umfärbungen can be realised fast and simply. Besides, the drawing is preserved completely. Colour adaptation is not to the chance leave: Linocolor Colorsync compatibly. This allows the picture treatment under real Softproof terms to you, because on the monitor you see the colours in such a way as they are later also reproduced. The consistent colour rendering of the input up to the pressure becomes an élite and individual ICC profiles the self evident fact with Linocolor.

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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